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Extractions: Dentists and Dental Services near Bonita Beach FL

Tooth Extractions
(Dentist Services Available In Naples By For Smiles Dentists)

Tooth extraction are a last and final resort, only performed when there are no viable options left to allow the person to keep the tooth. A couple of instances where this could be the only option would be if there has been an infection that set in after a root canal was done or if the tooth is degrading beyond all possible repair. These do not happen often, but when they do and nothing is left to try to save the tooth, it is pulled. One common occurrence is wisdom teeth being removed. Other than that one though, removing teeth is only done when there is no other way to keep it.


This method is used to remove a tooth that can cause further damage if not removed. Infections could spread or pain is so severe that leaving the tooth in is not able to be done. Surgically removing wisdom teeth stops issues from occurring such as crowding and jaw pain.


Only people who are unable to save their teeth by any other method are candidates for extraction. Broken teeth that cannot be repaired, wisdom teeth to prevent problems from occurring, infected teeth where a root canal was performed or a crown was not put in when it needed to be and thus caused excessive injury to the tooth makes extraction necessary. Make sure that a false tooth, a bridge, or implant are in place as soon as is viably possible to prevent further issues from arising.


Anesthetic will help the patient feel no pain, but some have a very real fear of having their teeth removed. In that instance, nitrous oxide will sooth them so that the procedure can be performed. Removing teeth in this day and age is easy. The friendly staff at For Smiles will walk you through each step of the procedure beforehand so that you know exactly what is going to occur.


Our patients leave with detailed post-op instructions. A dressing will be placed on the wound and will need to be changed at regular intervals. The patient should refrain from using a straw to drink and should not spit. Smoking is strictly prohibited because it will cause major health problems such as dry root. A clot needs to form to act just like a scab and allow the wound to heal. If the post-op instructions are used to the letter, then no issues should arise from this procedure. Antibiotics are usually proscribed to stop infections and if needed pain medicine.

What to Expect

No side effects will last longer than 2 days, but there should be no pain at all if the patient adheres to the directions. Do not wait to replace the tooth, though, because issues can arise due to a missing tooth such as shifting. If it is a wisdom tooth that was extracted, they will not need to be replaced at all.

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