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Sealants: Dentists and Dental Services near Bonita Beach FL

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The best method for protecting your teeth is to get sealants applied at your regular dentist visit. This will ensure that any areas that would be prone to decay on your molars are protected by a thin coating of plastic.


Cavity prevention is the most common usage for sealants, but it can not help with any other side effects from a cavity that has already started. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Less people are affected by cavities because of just this.


Anyone with healthy teeth can benefit from this ounce of prevention including children. If the tooth already has decay or an infection or has had any other work performed on it, then this is not able to be used. For best results of preventative care, start around the age of three. At this point, the teeth can be sealed and monitored so that a life long healthy mouth can be achieved. Sealants are event used on infant teeth so there is no doubt that a strong base will be created for the permanent teeth that will come in.


There is no pain at all associated with this procedure and it is not complicated. Not even a local will need to be used to anesthetize. A dry mouth has to be ensured so cotton will be placed inside to absorb moisture. The a certain type of light will set the sealant after it has been brushed onto the teeth. An entire mouth can be sealed in forty-five minutes.


You should feel the same as when you came in. If you notice anything odd, it should wear down quickly and won't last very long.

What to Expect

These will last a very long time and will help you keep all of your teeth healthy and intact. A six month visit to the dentist will ensure that they are still protecting at full capacity. If any erosion has occurred, they will be redone quickly. You can expect a healthy mouth as many people are finding once they use this prevention method. It is the best way to keep your teeth healthy. Combined with fluoride and excellent oral hygiene, you should expect a clean bill of health at each of your regular dentist check ups.

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