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Full Dentures

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Full Dentures: Dentists and Dental Services near Bonita Beach FL

Full Dentures
(Dentist Services Available In Naples By For Smiles Dentists)

Sometimes there are circumstances that require people to get full dentures. This could be because the teeth that have not fallen out not in a condition that they can be saved. Times like these, we tell people to extract them all and replace them with a full set of dentures on both the upper and lower jaw. When they get their full set, they notice immediately that they have regained the ability to chew properly. The dentures will need to be removed every single night, without exception, and a special cleanser needs to be used. People should be aware that sleeping with dentures is like going to be with tennis shoes on! Your gums will need to be relieved of that stress.


Full dentures are used by those who need to regain the ability to chew solid foods. When your teeth are degraded, it can hurt to eat even the softest of foods. If they can not be fixed with fillings and too many will need to be replaced, pulling them is the only option. But life does not have to change. The full set of dentures can be used to replace the teeth. Why should anyone need to suffer when they eat?


Those who come to us with too many broken or missing teeth are prime candidates for this type of procedure. Also, those who have had their dentures for a while and now that set is ill fitting will need a new set made. But a surprising candidate is the person who is having digestive problems. Old dentures cause you to lose the proper chewing surface. Since digestion starts in the mouth with the chewing of food, this can cause issues to occur. Most would never think to blame their old dentures.


Consultation will ensure that you understand exactly what this will mean for you. When you are in agreement, impressions will be taken and sent to the lab. Upon their completion, the patient will be asked to come in and have them fitted. They are set in wax to ensure they are an acceptable color and shape.

Final dentures are made from what is sent back to the lab after that first visit. When the new set arrives, another appoint is set for the final fitting. If all is well, the dentures stay in place and can be taken home to use like normal teeth.

Choice of shape, size and color will be determined by the individual characteristics for each person and his or her mouth size.

It is necessary that some people leave with temporary dentures. This is something that we can provide those in certain circumstances. This could be if a person needs the teeth pulled immediately and can not wait until their dentures are made. It is understandable that someone would not want to walk around without any teeth until the final dentures are ready. This would be an instance in which a temporary set would be provided so that person can walk out of the office with dentures. Impressions are taken before the old teeth are extracted. Recover is actually easier this way because it can take up to a month to fully heal after the teeth are removed.


Soreness is obviously going to occur when teeth are removed, but can be managed easily with pain killers. It should not last over a week and will be quite mild. Antibiotics are given to many patients so that there will not be any further infection. Soft foods can be consumed immediately. This includes things like soup and yogurt. Patients who get dentures immediately find the recovery time to be decreased.

What to Expect

If you find you need a full set of dentures, chances are you have been living with problems for a while. Maybe there was discomfort or you were unable to properly chew your food. When someone leaves with dentures, they leave the office with a beautiful smile which brightens everyone's day! Some patients had been so embarrassed because of the shape of their teeth, and we remember one who left crying with joy. What a great experience that we can help someone leave feeling that wonderful.

Family Dentists Naples
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