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Sports Guard near Bonita Beach

Sports Guard

Sports Guard near Bonita Beach Florida
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Sports Guard: Dentists and Dental Services near Bonita Beach FL

Sports Guard
(Dentist Services Available In Naples At For Smiles Dentists)

This guard will protect your teeth while playing sports so that if you are hit with a ball or fall to the ground, you can have an extra bit of protection on your teeth. We know of some weightlifters that have had their weights fall on them and their teeth were saved by the sports guard. There are the "boil and bite" guards that are sold and a lot of places and yes they do cost less, but they do not give adequate protection for your mouth. They are ill fitting and in order to be able to provide protection, a guard really must be made just for your individual bite.


You used one when practicing or playing sports like soccer, basketball, beach volleyball, skating, hockey, kickball, weightlifting and even just working out. If there is a chance that could be hit or fall then you should be wearing one!


Anyone who works out or plays sports should use a guard to protect their teeth. If you have a change of being hit in the mouth, take a moment to protect it!


Impressions of your teeth will need to be mad so that it can be manufactured in a lab or made in the office. If it will be done at For Smiles, a substance will be placed on the impression to be heated. It won't take long to set, even as little as half an hour if necessary. Get out and play without worrying!

It can also be made in a laboratory, but that will take seven days. Why would this be a better option? Because it will be more durable and have a tighter fit that will be less able to allow it to drop out. Also, when made in the lab, you can even add a logo, a team name, a personalized design or give props to your sponsor. Think about what kind of team morale this could boost!


You will be protected and that will allow you to keep your teeth perfectly healthy. No need to worry when you or your children play rough. Remember that animals love to chew on items like this so please make sure it is placed in a safe location when not in use and a replacement should be readily available if needed.

What to Expect

There should be no discomfort and only protection. Yes, it may feel unnatural before you get used to it. That feeling will dissipate in time.

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