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Sedation Dentists: Dentists and Dental Services near Marco Island FL

Sedation Dentists near Marco Island (Naples)

Sedation dentistry gives you a visit to the dentist that you can enjoy. Local anesthetic is always used, but including sedation through an IV or in other various forms will alleviate stress and pain. Most everyone has heard of nitrous oxide, which is also known as Laughing gas. In extreme cases where this is necessary, it is easily and conveniently used and virtually has no side effects.


When this is used, you will walk out of the office and realize that the procedure you just had taken hours! You swear you were only there for a few minutes. What a great way to deal with this stressful event in your life.


Are you avoiding your dentist's office because you are afraid? Are you nervous about what is in store for you in that chair? You don't need to fear the pain and discomfort that comes with having to keep your mouth open forever (you know it does feel like forever!). Sedation dentistry perfect for those who get this anxious about their visit to the dentist. If you believe that your procedure may be more than you can handle, ask your dentist about sedation.


The most common of sedations is oral, but IV's are used also in certain circumstances. The patient usually is not put under fully, but rather is just lulled into a state that allows them not to feel the pain and discomfort that they so feared. If they are not fully under, then compliance with the needs of the staff performing the procedure is still able to be given.


Ask us. Your insurance could cover the sedation and allow you to rest easy while getting your procedures done! Remember though that it is extremely necessary to let the doctor know about any medications that you may be on so that there are no reactions. Also if you are allergic to any medications, please make us aware before you procedure.

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