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Implant Dentists: Dentists and Dental Services near Marco Island FL

Implant Dentists near Marco Island (Naples)



It is obviously upsetting when a permanent tooth is lost, but implant dentistry can save the day. The best alternative to your own tooth is to insert a dental implant. This will fill in the gap between the teeth, preventing the bite from shifting. The implant is a titanium screw inserted in the bone in place of the missing root. This implant will fuse with your bone and act as an anchor for the crown that will be placed in the gap. You will be able to smile confidently again.


When an implant and crown are inserted, they fill in the gap that is left by a lost tooth. This will prevent the bone in the jaw from shrinking and the adjacent teeth from shifting. Your face can seem drawn and older when a tooth is missing, but inserting an implant fills that spot and fills out your cheeks. This will be a permanent fix and a crown will finish it off creating the look you so desire.


Are you missing a tooth? Then this option is for you! But maybe you are thinking that you were just told it was not possible because you don't have enough bone to drill in the implant. In this case, talk to us about a bone graft. This can anchor the titanium screw needed to hold the implant in place. At least get check out this option before giving up on a permanent tooth replacement.


Titanium screws are used because of their ability to mesh with the bone, but there are several types.

One is a root form. It is the most common implant used by dentists. Remember, though that bone loss may have occurred and if this is so, a graft will need to be done first.

The bone could have eroded to the point that a graft can not be done. Another option is a plate-form implant which is placed directly into the bone. Extreme bone loss would mean that a subperiosteal implant would be the only option to ensure that the implant will take. This type is placed under the gums on the bone directly.


Ask questions and come prepared. These procedures are not quick, but they are worth it. Bone grafts will be done first if necessary and will need to heal for a few months. Surgery will be necessary to insert the implant after the graft has healed. Then this must heal which means the implant and the bone have properly fused. Finally a replacement tooth will be placed in the hole. Our friendly staff is more than happy to discuss each step with you in detail.

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