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Root Canals

Root Canals near Marco Island Florida
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Root Canals: Dentists and Dental Services near Marco Island FL

Root Canals
(Dentist Services Available In Naples By For Smiles Dentists)

If your tooth becomes infected because a cavity has grown too large, you may need a root canal to take out the nerve of the tooth. It must be pulled out so that antibiotics can be administered to get rid of the infection. Once this is completed, you must make an appointment to have a crown applied to that tooth. Other than infection a root canal could be necessary when trauma occurs causing a nerve to be irreparably damaged. These are preventable most of the time when people have regular visits with their dentist because they will be able to see discoloration of the tooth or catch a cavity in time to prevent it from getting that bad.


Root canals are used when it is necessary to pull the nerve out of a tooth due to trauma or infection. If left untreated, a tooth that needs this procedure may get so bad that it is unable to be saved and must be extracted. You want this to be the last possible resort because then more costly procedures will need to be performed.


People who have broken teeth, a tooth with a cavity too large to fill, or massive infection but still want to try to keep the tooth will want to go in for this procedure. The dentist will let you know if this is a viable option for you.


These procedures have advanced to the point where they can be done without causing pain, despite popular belief. Your dentist will use an anesthetic on the area and if it then has a crown put in place as should happen, there will be no further action necessary. Even though people have very bad thoughts about root canals, it is less invasive and less costly than the alternative which is pulling the tooth out completely to insert a new one.

Lots of individuals prefer a procedure such as this to be accompanied by sedation dentistry which involves giving the patient nitrous oxide as well as a local anesthetic administered to the area affected. Once the patient is properly anesthetized, a hole is drilled in the infected area and the decay is removed along with the nerve. Antibiotics will be administered to the area and a temporary filling will cover it. You will be asked to make another appointment later ensure the infection is gone and at that time they will cover the tooth with a crown.


You may feel some soreness in your jaws, but remember that you did have to hold them in unnatural positions for a time so this is quite normal. Painkillers can be given to lessen this if necessary, but the root canal will get rid of the source of the pain and should actually make you feel better immediately. An antibiotic could be prescribed, but is not necessary for everyone.

What to Expect

You will need to make follow up appointments so that the doctor can check on the progress of recovery. A post and a crown will also need to be placed on the tooth. Remember that if the crown is not put on the tooth then there is a great risk of the infection getting so bad that the tooth will need to be removed. The temporary fix is just that, temporary. You will need to assure better protection from cracking. If you do not then you must be prepared to lose the tooth all together. Be sure to get your crown to avoid this happening.

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