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Invisalign Braces: Dentists and Dental Services in Naples FL

Invisalign Dentists
(Dental Services Available In Naples At For Smiles Dentists)

Invisalign is as fast or faster than metal braces meaning you may be able to take them off sooner. They definitely have more eye appeal than traditional metal braces. Invisalign braces do not irritage your mouth and gums nearly as much as traditional metal braces and often you may even forget they are there.  It's nice to have the pain of metal braces too.

Eating Is Better With Invisalign

With Invisalign braces eathing becomes more of a pleasure than an inconvenice. food does not tend to get stuck in them as much as traditional braces.  Food tastes better without that metalic taste in your mouth.  And there is none of the pain of chewing with metal braces because with the invisalign braces you take them off before eating.  One more benefit is since you are not actually wearing the braces during meals you don't have to be worried about the embrassment of food getting stuck in your braces.

No More Mouth Full of Putty

With traditional braces it used to be that the dentist would stuff your mouth with a mouth full of putty and then ask you to bite down.  You would sit there for a few minutes biting into this clay like substance as it began to harden.  Sometimes even getting a panicky feeling as small pieces would break off and head into your breath passageway.  Relief finally comes as the dentist says open wide and pulls the putty cast of your teeth out. 

We Use Itero Scanning

Instead of a mouth full of putty we now use an Itero Scanning System to create a picture of your teeth.  This picture is so detailed that the invisalign braces can be created directly from it without the use of clay or other substances to create a mold.  Believe us when we say this is a much more pleasant experience.

Invisalign Is Great For Teens

Perhaps a teen in your family is concerned that getting braces means having ugly metal teeth and perhaps being teased by other children.  Your teen will be happy to know that Invisalign braces are nearly invisible and comfortable too.

Invisalign Can Help Older People Too

Often with older people (Although this does happen with younger people too) misalignments in the teeth can cause one tooth to press to hard against another.  Teeth because misaligned.  This starts as a problem with comfort.  Then perhaps to a problem with the appearance of your teeth.  But what many people do not understand is that as the teeth become less and less properly aligned it can create all kinds of periodontal problems ranging from bad teeth, to cavaties, gum disease and can sometimes end in infection of the need for surgery.  Invisalign can help prevent many of these problems by gently keeping your teeth properly aligned

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