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Pediatric Dentists near Golden Gate

Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric Dentists near Golden Gate Florida


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Pediatric Dentists: Dentists and Dental Services near Golden Gate FL

Pediatric Dentists near Golden Gate (Naples)

Pediatric dentistry is extremely important. Many if not all dental problems can be prevented by routinely taking your child to the dentist early in their life. At age three, all of their baby teeth should have grown in and it will be a good time for your child to have an evaluation. This will make sure that their teeth are aligned and that there is no decay.


Cavities can be prevented with the proper prevention techniques. Performing X-rays and getting regular dental checkups early on in life can be all the difference to keeping healthy teeth for a lifetime. Steps can also be taken to ensure that baby and permanent teeth come in properly. Baby teeth can also get cavities and this can be avoided with sealants. Replacement of missing teeth will help keep confidence in a child. Probably the most important part can be teaching your child how important oral hygiene really is. Take it beyond flossing and brushing, teach them how important a healthy mouth full of teeth is for their future comfort and confidence.


Every single child over 3 and those under 3 who have had a trauma occur to the mouth causing problems with their teeth need to make an appointment with For Smiles. Always remember that the earlier a problem is caught, the better able we will be to fix it and create a beautiful smile for life.


Office visits to give treatment where needed and training in regards to brushing and flossing. Treatments could mean applying sealants and fluoride to the teeth, but commonly can refer to orthodontic treatments like braces. Braces ensure a proper smile because the teeth will be aligned properly.


Have your baby's teeth started coming in? If you can bring them in for their first visit around their first birthday, then any problems can be assessed early on. All children should receive regular visits by the age of 3 to receive the same 6 month checkups for preventive dental care as adults get.

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